Dear Charlene Schulenburg and AMediaVision Productions,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the movie I just watched...TWICE! I watched the movie and then noticed that it was going to be shown a second time. I brought my 15 year old daughter into the room to watch it with me during the repeat showing. I felt that the production was helpful to open a discussion about personal safety, being aware of your surroundings, and how to "think" and "keep your cool" when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. This movie allowed my daughter and I to discuss "what would you do if...." situations. I always have worried about my daughter being in a serious situation when I was not with her. Would she know what to do if we had never talked about it? We have now discussed ideas, concerns, etc. Although we both know this will never happen to us least she has some ideas that may helpful in saving her life. This movie was beautifully crafted and the actors were fabulous. My love to Anne Sluti who allowed her story to be told. Thank you again.
Lhana van Lamsweerde