Gifts From Eykis

Feature Length Script Available

ATTACHED: Bill Duke (Not Easily Broken, Sister Act 2, Hoodlum, Deep Cover)

AMediaVision Productions, Inc. is proud to announce the development of the film GIFTS FROM EYKIS Based on renowned metaphysician and inspirational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer with his best selling and only novel of the same name.

LOG LINE: An intelligent other-planetary being teletransports herself and herknowledge back to earth along with the lovestruck professor who found her,moving him to share these gifts that can unlock humankind’s limitless possibilities but must outwit those trying to prevent change before it’s too late. One part E.T., one part Starman, EYKIS is a love story between a professor and a beautiful being from another universe as they attempt to save the heart of mankind. Dr. Wayne Dyer to appear in a cameo.

UPDATE: Announcing accomplished and respected director, Bill Duke on board with the project. Strategic partnerships with Canadian co-producer Kent Ulrich who heads up AMediaVision Partners 2, Winnipeg branch Support from Manitoba Film and Sound Distribution and pre-sale in negotiations with Super Channel - Pay TV, Canada In talks with Echo Bridge Entertainment for World Wide Theatrical Distribution More info to come soon….