December Rain

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ATTACHMENTS: CAA to package.

DIRECTOR: David Jacobson

LOG LINE:   A sensitive tragedy inspired by true events in a Japanese internment camp where a young couple tries to grow their love but is hampered by the surrounding fences, the conflict between their cultural ancestry and dire Americanized circumstances which contrasts their dreams of the future and comes to a chilling head when a racist, jealous American guard refuses to stop his harassment.

SYNOPSIS:   “December Rain” is set at the end of 1944, somewhere in the high desert of California, in an unnamed Japanese internment camp. Michael, a Japanese-American boy, is about to turn seventeen on Christmas day, and will be required to take an oath of allegiance to the United States. He’s angry about his situation because in many ways he’s a typical American kid and senses the injustice of what has happened to him and his guardian, Uncle Hitochi. He is also in love with Ichicko, a girl his age and also a typical American teenager. However, she at first accepts her lot in life, and the duality of being Japanese American. It becomes apparent that Michael rejects his Japanese heritage and this in itself is a source of enormous friction between him and the other internees.

Michael has a secret: he’s planning to escape. His actions bring trouble into the lives of those around him, but he is determined to carry out his plans. He must deal with another angry boy about his age: Duggin, a camp guard. Duggin’s anger and racism become apparent when we learn that he and Ichicko had an “arrangement”: he would provide her with certain contraband items in exchange for certain favors. Everything reaches a climax early Christmas morning when Michael puts his plans into motion. It all goes terribly awry when Duggin is killed during a rape attempt, and the guards soon converge on Michael and Ichicko as they escape. A guard is shot, and the camp administrator, a man sympathetic to Michael’s plight, kills Michael as a result. The guards close in on Ichicko, her fate uncertain, her escape impossible.


Strategic partnerships with Canadian co-producer Kent Ulrich who heads up AMediaVision Partners, our branch in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

LOI from Echo Bridge Entertainment for World Wide Theatrical Distribution.

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